Birthday cake Sheffield – the perfect choice for your children’s party

The birthday is the most cherished day of the year for every person.

Whether it is 4 or 40 years old, everyone deserves the perfect celebration of its special day.

With candles, balloons and all kind of decorations, the birthday party is the most memorable day. And there is so much love about it. The special wishes from our dear ones make us feel amazing. Another very important part of every celebration is the cake. Because without it, the birthday will be incomplete. But have you ever wondered why do we cut a cake on our birthday? Where did this tradition come from?

Firstly, at the classical Roman occasions of a birthday or a wedding ceremony, the cakes were served as a gesture. They were made in flat circles with nuts and flour, then sweetened with honey and leavened with yeast. After that, during the 15th century AD, the Germans created a new tradition by serving cakes at a special celebration known as “kinderfest”.

In the beginning, the cakes were only available to the richer section of the society, but after the Industrial Revolution, the birthday cakes became accessible to the lower class as well. Nowadays, there is a rich variety of cakes, which everyone can buy. We started eating cakes for every holiday, special occasion and when we celebrate something. There is no event without a cake in Sheffield. We can find them everywhere – at bakeries, pastries, confectioneries. But really delicious cakes, with the perfect design we can find in one place.

birthday cakes Sheffield

It is called Maria’s cakesand is the best place for birthday cake Sheffield. They have all your cake needs covered. There is a flavor for everybody’s taste. They offer a range of birthday cakes with a variety of shapes and taste, baked in their bakery. Children’s cakes for boys and girls can be with a standard or special filling, with a personalized message on the cake, and at customer request, cakes can be Free From Gluten or Vegan. The taste is incomparable because the cake makers use only family recipes, that no one knows. You can not find the same cakes somewhere else. If you order from them, your children’s cake will be unique and magical. It will be really delicious because they have another little secret – the home-made syrups they use in the cake. They give the perfect taste that everybody loves. Birthday cake Sheffield – the perfect choice for your children’s party.

By adding new cakes weekly give their best to offer you a rich variety of cakes and sweet treats. For the sweet end of your special occasion they offer a range of theme cakes: Children’s cakes, Birthday cakes, Newborn cakes, Valentines Day Cakes, and for those who just love to treat themselves, they offer seasonal cakes for Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Thanks Giving, St. Patrick and more.

If you decide to order from them, you can do that online at their website They offer free delivery for all cakes in Sheffield area and standard delivery charge for Sheffield surroundings. The cakes will be prepared and delivered for up to three working days. Order a birthday cake Sheffield and you will be amazed – the perfect taste and unique design will make your celebration memorable.

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