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CleaningSure Office Cleaning Services


Our quotes are priced to reflect the agreed specification and our cleaning contractors will provide, within the cost, all necessary machinery, equipment and materials. CleaningSure does not pay “by the hour” we pay to do the job to YOUR specification and satisfaction. A “one-stop” shop providing you with a range of related services:

Office Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning
Specialist Floor care
Janitorial Supplies
Female Hygiene
Window Cleaning

We recruit local people who are prepared to lodge with us a performance bond of twice the monthly charge – with the clear understanding that the bond will be lost if you ever cancel the contract through poor cleaning or default.Plenty of good reasons why they do what they should, when they should.


1. In return they earn 80% of the monthly billing, compared to the industry norm of 40%.
2. Defining your needs
3. Together we carry out a detailed survey of your premises.
4. We create a tailor made specification to YOUR needs. YOU set the frequency YOU set the standard.
5. We then agree a fixed a monthly charge – fixed for a minimum of 12 months
6. Ensuring your satisfaction
7. CleaningSure. will contact you during the contract start-up to ensure that all is going well. A daily record book will be provided to enable an easy method of communication between you and our contractor.
8. PLUS: We will personally make inspection visits
9. The only way to manage your office cleaning

For a FREE no obligation quotation, please email or telephone 020 7971 1145 for an appointment

Domestic Cleaning Services

CleaningSure has been providing high quality cleaning services for several years and operates extensively throughout the midlands and the North West. Our clients come from all walks of life but all share the realisation that time spent with their families or in pursuit of their favourite leisure activity is far more precious than that spent on household chores.

More information about their services you can find on this address:

Who will be cleaning?

All of our operatives have been carefully selected and every effort is made to allocate people who will match your requirements. All are required to carry identity cards as proof of their status. CleaningSure is properly insured against accident or injury in the unlikely event of serious damage.

What will they be cleaning?

Typically we would expect the following tasks to be undertaken:-

All Rooms

Clean, dust, vacuum to include:-

Windows sills and ledges
Picture frames and ornaments
Lamps, furniture, woodwork, shelves and skirting boards
Vacuum furniture, including under seat cushions


Clean appliances, work surfaces, cabinets, tables and chairs
Clean, scrub and sanitise sinks
Wash or vacuum floor


Clean, scrub and sanitise shower or baths
Clean and sanitise vanities, sinks and splash backs
Clean and sanitise toilets
Clean mirrors
Wash or vacuum floor


You may wish to designate certain rooms for special attention on each visit or for us to make a start on that backlog of ironing. You are asked to take reasonable precautions to protect items of value including items of sentimental value

What does it cost?

It is vital that our service is seen to be value for money. Every effort is made to keep costs, such as travel as low as possible. Our prices are fully inclusive with no hidden extras

How do I pay?

Again in an effort to keep our admin costs to a minimum payment is by standing order

What if I go on holiday?

No problem, if it is your wish to suspend service whilst your away we’ll simply refund you.

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