How to handle the cargo for hunting abroad

You don’t need to take much with you if you book the best hunting agency in Bulgaria

Going on a safari in Africa or on hunting around Europe might be pretty demanding in terms of organizing and perfect timing. And the headache is to handle the cargo for the travel abroad. If you are about to go for wild boar or red deer on the Balkans, make sure to contact the best hunting agency in Bulgaria for advice right from the start, even before you go through the process of booking. You need to clarify what is necessary to bring with and what can be hired on the spot.

You can’t go on without your favorite rifle

A passionate hunter usually is in possession of more than one gun and loves to use rifles and shotguns from his own collection. While it is perfectly understandable, bringing weapons across the border might turn out to be troublesome in many cases. Picking the best hunting agency in Bulgaria is likely to solve the dilemma. If the hunter is so attached to use own guns, the company organizing the holidays will support the client. Importing guns for wild game in Bulgaria is not troublesome since the country is a part of the European Union. All you need is a valid European permit for arms export.

But what if… you just don’t carry weapons with you? It won’t necessarily ruin the whole experience if you contact with the best hunting agency in Bulgaria. The Italian trademarks are considered among the greatest for hitting both small and big game. Hiring shotguns from brands like Beretta, Benelli, or Franchi will be a great choice and it will light out the weight of your cargo.

The dog is out for the hunt

It is quite normal for a person passionate about hunting to have a dog or several dogs to help in the chase for the wild game. Transportation of animals anyway might be even harder to handle. Any dog needs the passport and has to have Standard Vaccine and Rabies Vaccine. Regardless if you want to bring an Irish setter, a beagle, a pointer or a hound, it travels in the baggage compartment of the airplane. And have in mind that the maximum weight of the animal and the container should not exceed and 32 kilos. You also have to clear the matter with the flight company ay the moment of booking the tickets. Otherwise, the dog might not be allowed to be carried on the plane. If the hunter is not attached to own pets, hiring dogs from the best hunting agency in Bulgaria for the chase is a good way to solve the case and to light up the cargo. Bringing your own clothes and shoes is recommended anyway.

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